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 Sennen SkySilent DawnCerulean Sky 



Breda Holden      

 Contemporary Landscape Painter



A childhood in rural Ireland surrounded by wild bogland and serene lakeland has instilled in me a deep connection to the natural world. 

Today my inspiration is the wilds of Dartmoor, the river Dart and the dramatic South West coastline. Water is a constant thread running through my work and I am interested in how it generates a feeling of vitality, wonder and well being. My paintings aim to express a sense of seeing beyond the usual often experienced when immersed in the landscape; a feeling of being on a threshold to another place. I use watercolour, acrylic ink, oil pastel and a variety of mixed media to evoke light, atmosphere, movement and intrigue. I hope to convey the emotional energy experienced through my interaction with the elemental forces of nature.